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General Cargo

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Shipping containers, steel or chemicals is not your core business. But it has been ours for over fifty years. No matter where your cargo needs to go, we always find the most reliable and affordable route for you. And we don't take any chances: we check your goods at the quay, organise a survey or take pictures. That is our promise.

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Arranging transport is only step one. Crossing the border and getting it delivered is just as important. Wirtz has a boatload of experience in dealing with customs, arranging warehouse space, stripping and rebuilding cargo and delivering it to the right person on time. No matter where your cargo comes from.

Other services

Shipping cargo requires a lot more than delivering items in time. You'll need insurance. You'll be dealing with customs officials. There are tax issues that need to be resolved. It's impossible to name every aspect of what we can do for you on this website. So don't hesitate to ask us about it.

A quote at Wirtz is detailed, free and fast. Nothing to lose.