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A quote at Wirtz is detailed, free and fast. Nothing to lose.

Besides heavy equipment or machinery transportation, Wirtz is also your partner for moving and shipping of other kinds of cargo such as chemicals and steel. We also provide additional services.

Wirtz Shipping has an experienced, driven and proactive team. Every day we try very hard to get even better.

With our many years of experience we are very well suited to handle heavy transport, the shipping of heavy machinery and equipment, or moving your general cargo from port to port.
Our additional transportation services include:

2013 Wirtz Team

Our Team

Didier Wirtz

Didier Wirtz
General Manager - Owner

Tel: +32 3 2136040
E-Mail: dw@wirtz.be

Karel Theunissen

Karel Theunissen
Project Cargo

Tel: +32 3 213 60 42
E-Mail: Karel.theunissen@wirtz.be

Luc Coppens 2013 Wirtz

Luc Coppens
Inside sales

Tel: +32 3 2136044
E-Mail: luc.coppens@wirtz.be

Dimitri Andries

Dimitri Andries
Outside sales

Tel: +32 3 2136048
E-Mail: dimitri.andries@wirtz.be

Stieven Strukeli- WIRTZ 2013

Stieven Strukeli

Tel: +32 3 2136043
E-Mail: sts@wirtz.be

Anne-Mie d'Haen - Wirtz 2013

Anne-Mie D'Haen

Tel: +32 3 2136067
E-Mail: adh@wirtz.be

Françoise Nicolaïdis

Françoise Nicolaïdis

Tel: +32 3 2136063
E-Mail: import@wirtz.be

Linda Lieckens - Wirtz 2013

Linda Lieckens
Steel - Operations

Tel: +32 3 2136065
E-Mail: ll@wirtz.be

Nathalie Lemineur - Wirtz 2013

Nathalie Lemineur
Independant Accountant

Tel: +32 3 2136061
E-Mail: accounts@wirtz.be

Conny Vermeulen - Wirtz 2013

Conny Vermeulen

Tel: +32 3 2136046
E-Mail: conny.vermeulen@wirtz.be